About Us

Options Clinic, formerly Pregnancy Resource Center of Helena, was founded in 2008 as an faith based organization. We offered free pregnancy testing, pre-natal and parenting classes as well as community referrals and material goods for young moms-to-be. But it didn’t take long to realize that if we wanted to maximize our impact on young women experiencing an unplanned pregnancy and truly give them the information they needed to make an informed decision for life, we needed to offer ultrasound services. This was a huge leap for such a young organization but with our committed supporters we began that process of converting to a medical clinic in the fall of 2009. After raising the needed funds, we hired our first nurse and sent her to training to become proficient in ultrasound. Dr. Jack McMahon agreed to be our medical director and in June of 2010 we launched our new services and changed our name to Options Clinic, reflecting our new status as a medical clinic. Our goal is to use every avenue we can to help these young women choose life and to make better life choices to break the cycles of neglect, abuse and poverty.

Options Clinic is supported solely through outright donations, pledges and grants which fund our ongoing operational costs. Thank you for your help.